Anneke de Jager  



A portrait is so much more than just ears, nose and mouth





"Who am I?"

As humanity we are part of a process of attraction and rejection, a continuous exchange of energy and information. A story in six triptychs.

2015 : HUMAN    

 "An ode to humanity"

The degree of humanity is not only determined by the power structures of institutions, religions or laws, but also by centuries old patterns that influence how we 'think', 'feel' and 'want'. Seven portraits on the vulnerability of human rights.

2013 : COLOUR of Life    

 "Let there be light"

Nothing in life can flourish or grow without light. How you perceive the world around you and claim your territory in it, differs from person to person. Life changes who you are! Six portraits in rainbow colors.

2012 : A home in Hungary   

"If bricks could talk"

The story of an Hungarian house that dates from the 1930's and the parallel story about nobility, communism and global citizenship. 

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2008-2011 : Art of letting go 

"To change the world, start with yourself"

The search for 'letting go' started in 2008 with a painting of an insecure clown and was completed in 2011 with an exuberant jump into space. 'Art of letting go' was turning point for me, personal as well as artistic.